Friday, March 20, 2009

New Mormon Message: The Blessings of the Temple

This is a great new video that can be used to teach others about the Temple. I am sure it was produced because of the heightened attention the LDS Temple ceremony has been given because of media exposure at this time. I love the beautiful way in which our leaders have used this added media coverage to take the opportunity to teach others about the beauty of Temple experiences. Make sure to use this video in your Blogs, and Email messages and in every opportunity you can to teach about the Temple.

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Why Do Mormons Go To The Temple? said...

I also love this video, and feel it is so important that we as members take this most recent surge of interest in the Mormon temple ceremony, and educate.

So, I posted this video and another one - on Hubpages. I wrote a little bit about why Mormons go to the temple.

You know, maybe we should thank HBO, for giving us this great platform - to teach upon:-)

Kathryn Skaggs