Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I love pioneers! I love to read pioneer stories and hear about their faith promoting experiences. I love the bravery and determination of pioneers who ventured into a world unknown to them. I love the sense of adventure and sacrifice that the pioneers themselves represent.

I come from pioneer stock. I have ancestors who crossed the plains when they were forced from their homes in Nauvoo. I have ancestors who crossed the ocean to join the Saints in America, leaving their native lands. I have modern day pioneers who, against the wishes of their families, joined the LDS Church and forged a way for me and my children to follow.

I associate with pioneers each day. As a member of an LDS Young Single Adult Branch I am surrounded by modern day pioneers. These brave young adults have ventured out of a world they were familiar with to join with a group of other young adults who have welcomed them in with open arms. These new converts to the LDS faith are brave, determined, adventurous, and know the meaning of the word sacrifice. I feel the need to honor them, along with the many that have gone before them to make the path easier for those who will follow.

Joshua, Brooke, James, Sabrina, Frank, Steven, Alysa, Natalie, Daviana, Scott, Mehgan, Monica, Sally, Bill, Shelly, Tamara, Tarnue, Tim, Tyson, and many others who I have probably neglected to mention.

This video is for you.

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Delirious said...

Are you a member of the "Daughters of the Utah Pioneers"? If there is a camp in your area, you should consider joining, (or attending as a member at large if you aren't a direct descendant) Every month we have lessons about our pioneers ancestors! :)