Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tithing and Other Offerings, Our Choice

Isn’t it interesting how this little slip allows each one, individually, to live the Law of Consecration?
It is simply between you and the Lord.

I believe that initially when the Law of Consecration was given that the Lord provided a way that the Saints could live it during their time of pre-temple ordinances. This “way” was called the United Order.
When a person entered into the “Law” they did so by negotiating their financial standing with the Great High Priest, who acted as a mediator between the participant and the Lord. This system was very similar to the one used during the time period of the “tabernacle”. Once the individual could “enter in” to the Temple for himself, and become a “priest”, the system or “way” of consecration changed drastically. The Bishop no longer became the one who facilitated the conditions of the “Law”; it became the responsibility of the individual, through the “way” of the offering slip, to decide his portion and the Lords.
In other words, I believe the United Order has been replaced by the “Tithing and Other Offerings” slip, and the decision or accountability with the Lord rests on each individual personally. It is a wonderful way for each Saint to live the “Law” to the fullest, by their own choice. This allows each to live the Celestial Law, and enter in, one person at a time.

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Heatherlady said...

Thanks you. I really appreciate this insight. I think it is amazing how the Lord lets us choose what degree of faithfulness we follow. He doesn't force us but lets us decide whether we want to be 100% or just %10 disciples. Wow. Thanks.