Monday, July 28, 2008

Taking Upon Us The Name of God

As I was reading through some Blogs about LDS Women, I came across this Blog called LDS Women of God and was fascinated by a post on the Abrahamic Covenant called, Taking Upon Us the Name of God.

In the post it explained the meaning associated with the changing of the names of Abraham and Sarah, with the addition of the letter H.

The name change served as a reminder that they had entered into covenants and received further light and knowledge.

I loved the explanation in the Blog, go and check it out!


annie said...

In The Doghouse,
Your blog is awesome!

In The Doghouse said...

Your Blog is as well! I love you girl! You are such an example to me of one who has "taken upon them the Name of God" and lives accordingly.

Michaela Stephens said...

Thanks for pointing us to good articles!

Keep posting!

Women of God said...

Thank you so much for spreading and sharing this post from my site. (I have to give my husband credit for this particular one.) You have made great comments on my site and I appreciate your insights and testimony.

And I used to think most blogs were full of complaining women...not so, there are those of us who want to uplift, motivate, share and live.

Sisters in the gospel...

David Littlefield said...

I recently posted on this same subject. Check it out here: Abrahamic Covenant