Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Our Body Is Made Up Of Unredeemed Earth

When my son was preparing his lesson for Priesthood last week he came across this talk that is completely awesome. It was originally given by Melvin J. Ballard in the Salt Lake Tabernacle on May 5, 1928, but has since been republished as a Classic Discourse in the New Era. It is titled, Struggle For The Soul.

I have always felt that the struggle we have is that of being a divided man. Our spirit, which is perfect by lineage, is in constant conflict with our body, which is of the earth or natural. Becoming a Zion people, that of one heart and one mind, takes on a deeper meaning to me as it is applied to this thought. The one heart and one mind we must accomplish is the reconciliation of our body and our spirit, to the mind and will of our Father.

Elder Ballard addresses this concept beautifully as he makes a reference to our bodies as “unredeemed earth”.

He explains, “All the assaults that the enemy of our souls will make to capture us will be through the flesh, because it is made up of the unredeemed earth, and he has power over the elements of the earth. The approach he makes to us will be through the lusts, the appetites, the ambitions of the flesh. All the help that comes to us from the Lord to aid us in this struggle will come to us through the spirit that dwells within this mortal body. So these two mighty forces are operating upon us through these two channels.”

Elder Ballard then suggested that we think “of spirit and body as ‘me’ and ‘it.’ ‘Me’ is the individual who dwells in this body, who lived before I had such a body, and who will live when I step out of the body. ‘It’ is the house I live in, the tabernacle of flesh and the great conflict is between ‘me’ and ‘it’. …

“Our weak [point] is in the flesh … and when [the devil] undertakes to capture a soul he will strike at the weak point. …

“It is not bodies, it is immortal spirits that the devil wants. And he tries to capture them through the body, for the body can enslave the spirit, but the spirit can keep the body a servant and be its master.”

Another point to ponder upon this same subject might be that perhaps the “unredeemed earth” that made up the bodies of Adam and Eve are the exact thing that gave Satan the ability to be in the Garden in the first place.

Anybody have any thoughts on this possibility?


LdsNana said...

I love that talk! Truly, we are all a bunch of GROSS matter! LOL

Kathryn Skaggs

In The Doghouse said...

Think of it really, is that not the reason that Satan was allowed in the Garden...When then will the earth be redeemed?

LdsNana said...

I can see that we will have a very interesting lunch date tomorrow. LOL