Friday, May 15, 2009

Queen of Alll Things Awe-Summ!!!

When Nancy from the Blog Something Marvellous sent me the notice that she had awarded me the most coveted Queen of Alll things Awe-Summm award I simply chuckled and thought to myself, she doesn’t know me very well, does she! LOL But then I simply took a moment to ponder this award as a symbol as it applied to a very important gospel principle. The principle I am thinking of is that of the importance of covenants.

As a member of the LDS Church who has entered into the Temple and made covenants with the Lord, I have actually been given the possibility of this award, as set by the terms of the covenant. This covenant, formally named the Abrahamic Covenant, outlines the terms of the relationship of the Father with the children of Abraham, requiring those who wish Him to be their God, to “walk with Him” in obedience to His Word. In reward for this submission of will, the Father has promised all that He has.

To receive the award, or for symbolic purposes the promise of being the “Queen of all things awesome”, I must simply bind the Lord, or hold Him to his word, by my obedience to my end of the deal. I really do have the potential to become literally a “Queen of all things awesome”, and a priestess by right. This thought is boggling to my mind at times, but therein lies my hope as well. Perhaps Nancy does know me better than I think!

So to all my female friends and fellow saints who have entered into sacred covenants, I award this honor of someday being Queen of Alll things Awe-Summm, but until then, this cute honor, to remind us to be obedient, must suffice!

Here are the rules:

List 7 things that make you Awe-Summ and then pass the award on to bloggers. Make sure to tag your recipients and let them know they know. Also link back to the QUEEN that tagged you.

1) I am a daughter of God and a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

2) I understand my divine role as wife and mother and am thankful to be both.

3) One of my favorite things to do is study the scriptures, especially with "study buddies."

4) I am a Family History freak! I love to do genealogy...really anybodies!

5) I belong to a Young Adult Branch even though I am a "Old Dog".

6) I love spending time in The Doghouse, real and virtual.

7) It is easy for me to love others, and I am a "hugger".

I guess it is now my turn to pass on the crown....but my Queenly friends have made it clear it is to stop here!


LdsNana said...

You said I could have fun with this, and so I shall:-)

shawna said...

ok, heres my list for you and only you to read.
1) i have too many children, but love them all-i think i am a good mom
2) i am a really good back seat driver
3) i have a love hate relationship with cupcakes
4) i feel sorry for every animal in the shelter, therefore i cannot visit any animal care facility-ever
5) i am a really good listener
6) i love all kinds of people, and am tolerant of others opinions and views
7) i think im a decent human being, and consider myself a Christian AND righteous latter-day saint

there, you happy now?? thanks for the honor, queen bee!!